Hey guys hopefully I’ve got enough followers to do a promo like this! 
anyways, This week I’ll be accepting submissions for your fave spring outfits and I want to feature them on my blog! I will post my favorite ones throughout the week at the latest Sunday, April 27th 

1. This has gotta be one of your own outfits! 

2. Take a picture of the outfit, or you wearing the outfit!

3. Go on and hit that “SUBMIT” button on the top right.

4. Attach your photo and don’t forget to type in your tumblr page in the message.

5. and yes, I accept guys outfits too! (I have a link just for men’s)

6. the photo’s are sent to my “primary account” dreaminexploring incase you were wondering why it won’t send to “ifoundclothes”

After I will go through the submissions and post them up and promote you! Have a Happy Easter everyone!